I'm 17 and wanna be a backpacker so bad!

Since couple years ago, im keen on watching traveling shows on TV. I dream to exploring the world, i wanna visit Old Medina in Morocco, surfing on Mediterranean Beach, celebrating 'Bon Odori' festival in Japan and much more XD―in addition im very interested in other cultures and languages therefore i want my dream comes true (inshAlah)! What should i prepare from now?


Backpacking whether alone or with friends requires a lot of prior planning. First and foremost, you need to work out a budget. Only with a budget, the other plans could be laid out.

After budgeting, identify your destinations and estimate the duration of your travel. Once you have identified your destinations, find out more about those places ( eg. the people, language, culture, cost of transportation / accomodation / food etc, precautions to be taken, safety situations ). Google about these places and also try to read travelogues / travel journals from backpackers to get a rough idea of what to expect. Remember some of the information could only be found in these self penned journals not on anywhere else. After this, plan your itineraries so that you would be able to meet your duration limit and from there sort out all the visas required.

If you have not been backpacking before, i suggest you try to do it by going to places not far from the place you come from, eg. somewhere in your country. This might not interest you a lot but it would allow you to experience backpacking before you embark on a proper and more challenging one.

My advise, when going backpacking alone, make it a point to update your family about your whereabout DAILY. At least they would have a rough idea when to locate you in the event something unfortunate happens to you.

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